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We are supporting Ontario's battle against COVID19 and will only be open for takeout and delivery.  We will be operating on reduced hours from 12 pm - 9 pm until further notice.  Online Ordering will be available during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

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Enjoy Our Chinese Lunch in Newmarket, Thornhill & Oakville

When you choose Cynthia's Chinese Restaurant for a relaxing meal, you are not just choosing authentic Chinese lunch in Thornhill, but an experience to remember. You can either walk in or make a reservation. We would recommend reserving a table, especially if you are visiting in a large group in order to get yourself a table of your choice, away from the hustle and bustle of the restaurant. For more details on our lunch menu, contact us now.

Lunch Specials You Will Love

Available from 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Includes choice of soup or mixed appetizers

Lunch Set A


Choice of one:

Stir Fried Mix Vegetables

Mix Vegetables Chop Suey

Sweet & Sour Chicken Ball or Pork

Black Bean Mixed Vegetables

Satay, Curry or Szechuan Mixed Vegetables

Chicken, Beef or Pork Chop Suey



Lunch Set B


Choice of one:

Lemon Chicken or Almond So Guy

Black Bean Chicken, Beef or Pork

Satay Chicken, Beef or Pork

Curry Chicken, Beef or Pork

Szechuan Chicken, Beef or Pork

Mixed Vegetables with Chicken, Beef or Pork



Lunch Set C


Sizzling Garlic Chicken or Beef

Sizzling Mongolian Chicken or Beef

Sizzling Black Pepper Chicken or Beef



Lunch Set D


BBQ Pork Omelette Cantonese Style

Spicy Egg Plant

Chicken, Beef or Pork Fried Noodle

Shanghai Thick Noodle

Singapore Vermicelli Noodle

Mixed Vegetables with Tofu in Oyster Sauce



Lunch Set E


Mixed Seafood & Vegetables

King Prawn Omelette Cantonese Style

Mixed Seafood Fried Noodle

Sizzling Mixed Seafood in Garlic



Lunch Specials

  • Steam rice is included; no rice will be served with noodles
  • You can upgrade rice to chicken fried rice for $1 extra

Dim Sum

  • Come try our expanded dim sum menu

*Menu items and prices are subject to change without notice and are displayed for informational purposes only.

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